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Since 1998, WE FIX IT SWEEPER COMPANY, located at 106 North Main Street in Nappanee, Indiana, has provided first-class personal service to our customers.

Whether you are purchasing a new vacuum, needing a repair, or just looking for a filter, bag or belt, we always appreciate your business. We carry a large selection of quality vacuums as well as those hard-to-find filters, bags and belts. If you have a vacuum in need of repair, we work on most makes and models. We do the job right and we do it fast.

We'll help you choose the right vacuum for your specific need.
We'll allow you to try the vacuum before your purchase.
We offer free assembly of the product you purchase.
We give instructions on how to use and maintain the vacuum.
You'll receive a starter supply of bags and/or belts.
We have a free 5-year annual tune-up plan.
A free courtesy loaner vacuum is available.
All repairs and warranties handled in-store.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


For over 18 years WE FIX IT SWEEPER COMPANY has served the greater Nappanee, Indiana area. Fair mindedness, a hard work ethic, a commitment to quality and service and a sense of community is the cornerstone of our business.

Our customers are the center of our attention. Everything we do is measured against the primary reference of our customers' satisfaction. It’s been proven that a family-owned business will consistently outperform almost every other type of business.

Family-owned firms are more stable and have a high level of trust and commitment

We have several distributors that we shop weekly, to get the best possible deal and pass it along to you the customer. You pay no more by shopping local. Don't waste gas and time driving to the big box stores. We are competitive with price and actually service what we sell and carry the necessary accessories you will need in the future.

Your home is your biggest investment — a clean home is happy home. We want to supply you with good information so you can make the best desicion to solve your cleaning needs and to satisfy your budget. If you don't see an answer to your question below you can ASK AN EXPERT.

What is the difference between a turbobrush and a powerbrush?

A turbobrush is air-driven, while a powerbrush is driven by electricity (usually an independent motor in the brush attachment itself).

How often should I vacuum my home?

We recommend that allergy sufferers vacuum at least twice a week, but you may want to vacuum more frequently if you see dust build-up in high-traffic areas or if you have a pet.

How many passes of a vacuum cleaner does it take to clean carpet?

It takes seven or eight passes of the vacuum to effectively clean a heavily soiled piece of carpet. This number can go down depending on the model used. With some vacuums, you can clean in two passes, but this will vary depending on how soiled the carpet is and whether or not pet hair is present. Sometimes pet hair can be stubbornly entangled in carpet fiber.

At what height should my nozzle adjustment be set?

The level you set your nozzle at depends on the height of your carpet. For example, you would use the lowest setting for a low-pile carpet and a higher one for plush carpet. You'll only need to push your vacuum with a moderate amount of effort when you've selected the appropriate level.

When do I know it's time to replace the belt on my vacuum?

If you think your vacuum isn't cleaning as well as it used to or the brush roll has stopped turning, it may be time to change your belt. First, shut off your vacuum and unplug its cord. It's not difficult to replace the belt as long as you have a screwdriver and a replacement belt. For instructions for your specific vacuum, refer to your owner's manual or call the manufacturer's service center.

What should I do if my vacuum cleaner isn't picking up dirt?

First, give it a full inspection. To do so, turn the machine off and unplug it. Then, check to see if the belt is worn or broken, or if the roller-brush won't move. Also, look for a full bag or any blockage that might be affecting the power of the machine. Sometimes, new carpet can be a problem because it sheds more fiber and has a tendency to fill bags quickly and clog the air stream. If everything checks out and your machine still isn't working properly, bring it in to our shop.